Review – Quietly Making Noise by Yessi Smith

Quietly Making Noise

Yessi Smith





Elio and Vianella. Vianella and Elio. *sigh* this book was so darn beautiful. Poetic and light hearted. Funny and serious. Basically everything a wonderful book should be.

Even the lightest of romance novels have the heaviest parts. Parts so heavy, Yessi engages you in this story of passion and heartbreak. She pulls you in reminding you  eventually running towards your dreams sucks you back into the thing you ran away from in the first place.

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It wasn’t until the third chapter I fell in love with Elio. The passion of his art and how he wander-lusted after his dreams. A running busker looking for his slice of life in what made him happy.

Busking, something I knew nothing about has made me completely fascinated with it. In the beginning of the book, Yessi explains how she came up with the story line. After reading about it, Jean the real life inspiration for her story became Elio. His face, body and talent. Again, HOOKED!  So, hooked I internet stalked Jean’s page just to see him busking.

teaser 2

Vianella, a unique name which I absolutely adored wasn’t just Elio’s match. She was his savior, a sweet reminder of what home is. Where his lost heart lied fluently captured by her violet eyes, bringing him back to those who miss him most.

I highly recommend you read Yessi’s poetic words. I also highly recommend you read them in a cozy spot with enough reading ambiance to set the mood for certain scenes.


much love

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