Review – A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter

A Faint Cold Fear

Karin Slaughter

Rating: 5 stars


I had a thought  I would read Karin Slaughter books like they are going out of style. But then I had to recant my thought. Karin Slaughter’s books will NEVER go out of style. A new generation like myself will pick them up either devouring them like myself, or they will dislike them. 

Karin Slaughter writes without permission. Her thoughts are dark, twisted, and shocking as all get out. That is definitely one thing that makes her a great writer. Makes her stories so intriguing. 

My five star rating isn’t for plot development. The queen of shock and surprise didn’t deliver with this one. I got to the end, and literally said, “meh” But she did deliver more character development this time around, which I loved. 

Lena Adams took over this book,  her character became the mystery. Even Sara Linton and Jeffery Tolliver, were backround noise to Lena.

Lena, moody met with an equal darkness brought her character into a 180 degree turn. Her struggles, her thoughts, her words, her meeting Ethan took over the plot demanding attention. My attention was fully given. 

As an avid romance reader, I was all for Ethan. His and Lena’s relationship was sick and twisted, but I understood this newfound relationship, no matter the complications. Boy, it was fucking complicated. Raw and emotional. Wrong and right for her character. Ethan, her match made me eager for the switch to Lena’s POV. 

*Sigh* I will have to keep reading to see what happens between Lena and Ethan. Read what happens between Sara and Jeffery. Most importantly, to gain my shock value back, one that Karin has always given me when reading her books. 


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