*Books in the wild challenge*

Spring has been here for a while… well in California its been here for quiet some time. While on Instagram, I have seen some beautiful set-up pictures and started to wonder what it would be like to have more outdoor pictures. The weather is changing, although at times still cold in parts of the world, this challenge can still be done. That is the best thing about it, the creativity is all yours and you still can use nature as a backdrop. Rainy day, book on your porch or near a window as a backdrop.

Snuggling with a book is cozy, but reading outside or taking a book with you is naturally book beautiful. This fun challenge involves something we all love, books. It’s so simple, books in the wild. The wild can be at work, at a place of business, or outside in nature. All I am doing is providing you with seven challenges to make them simply inspiring.

Books in the wild is what you probably do everyday, never leave home without a book.

Here is a day by day breakdown of the challenge to be prepared.

Day 1: A book you’re carrying in your purse or bag.

Day 2: a book on a bookshelf in a store you’ve been eyeing for a while/ or a book you’ve recently purchased from a bookstore.

Day 3: a book and good eats. YUM, YUM!

Day 4: A book about a city, hiking, or traveling.

Day 5: a book outside near flowers or a beautiful plant.

Day 6: Books and a beverage.

Day 7: a book selfie outside in your favorite reading spot.

See, simple and outdoorsy.

But wait, I also added a bonus for those who are out and about seeking something a little more tricky.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: Ask to take a picture of a book someone else is reading. I call this challenge accepted because I am an introvert and see people reading all the time, but never stop and talk to them about their book.

Wild guidelines:

Tag #booksinthewildchallenge and @rewardedwithwords on IG or wordpress. I am SUPER excited to see all your naturally beautiful bookish pictures.

Now for the domino effect: Tag another person to join in on the challenge. Let’s spread the word and our world with those outdoor book love pictures.


much love


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