Duet Review – Transcend and Epoch by Jewel E. Ann

Transcend and Epoch 

Jewel E. Ann

Ratings: Ten stars combined!!!!



WARNING: Totally fucking mind fucked. Brain splatter everywhere because I can’t form the words to do these books justice.

I am a book blogger. I am supposed to have something to say about Transcend and Epoch, but I am emotionally book drained. 

The only thing I can do is go with my emotions. I can’t give you spoiler alerts or plot information, but I can tell you this…

These two books tugged slowly at my heart and ripped open my mind. The firsts words to describe this story are total mind fuck. Next words are restoration overload. Lastly, O.M.G!!!

In order to read these books you have to allow your brain to splatter from emotional overload, so in some weird way it fixes itself into a completely different brain, which then turns you into a completely different person. 

I am not the same person I was from the first book to the second. Not at all.

Still healing from two of the best books I have ever read in my life. No other book out there has emotionally drained me and restored my faith in romance and a topic that isn’t discussed very much in the romance community like these two. Unique and beautifully written, these two books will forever walk with me through the rest of my life. I am that changed by them. Changed for many years to come much like Swayze, Nate, and Griffin. 

I wasn’t nearly as ruined by Transcend as I was with Epoch. I grabbed a million tissues and read it with the puffiest ugliest red eyes. I devoured the second book faster than the first and I didn’t look back. I held on tightly to the emotional roller coaster ride just to make it to the end and want more. That’s right, I am selfish. Even with a beautiful ending and new beginning, I wanted more. 

I am leaving you with some words of wisdom. If you haven’t read these books, do it. Read them. Devour them. Let them into your heart and mind to fuck it up and come out a different person. People always talk about imprinting. Let. These. Book. Imprint. On. You. 


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5 thoughts on “Duet Review – Transcend and Epoch by Jewel E. Ann

  1. Wow. I’m speechless. I have heard so much about these books… I guess it’s time I buy them. I mean after this review, I have to!


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