Reviews – King and Tyrant by T.M. Frazier

King | Tyrant

T.M. Frazier 

Rating: snailsnailsnailsnail |  snailsnailsnailsnailsnail

I loved King, but not as much as I loved Tyrant. 

I wasn’t looking for an alpha male read, but this book called to me. “Open me, Alex.” “Devour King, Alex.” And so I did. The call was strong, but the reward also ended up leaving me in suspense and irritated. 

King – the alpha male who doesn’t take no for an answer. He’s aggressive — like way aggressive. His temper is off the charts and his attitude screams, “Don’t fuck with me or else I am going to fuck with you.” Very protective, very egotistical. I am not used to reading characters like this. You know, the ones who aren’t sorry for the crap that they say or don’t use sappy words to fix the problem. In alpha male books, sex fixes the problems. Sex brings the characters closer together instead of pulling them farther apart. 

King and Pup were oddly cute together. Their personalities clashing, fighting for existence as their hearts pulled them together.  Fucking alpha male King has a heart! A heart that made the wrong decision, but a heart nonetheless. 

The synopsis to King included some hefty trigger warnings, but I didn’t feel them in this book. The way T.M. writes, descriptive and intense, I was looking forward to reading the suspenseful scenes to gain a better sense of King and Pup, only for them to fall flat. The final fight scene wasn’t even written in the book and it left a gaping hole in my reading heart. 

Fucking Preppy…. why T.M. WHY!?! That was just wrong on so many bow ties. 

If I never left my comfort zone, I wouldn’t have read King or Tyrant. I am also glad I didn’t read them until now. I don’t think I could have waited for Tyrant to be released.

The second book was way better than the first. Because ANSWERS! King left off with a lot to be desired. Tyrant swooped in with a lot to be digested, more drama, more to the story, just more! 

Where King centered around the man himself, Tyrant showed us more about Doe and her family. Her past and new suspenseful present. Tyrant isn’t a book you can give too much away. Its one of those book you have to read for yourself… because ANSWERS! 


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