Reviews – Shine Not Burn and Mackenzie Fire by Elle Casey

Shine Not Burn / Elle Casey /

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Mackenzie Fire / Elle Casey/

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I was looking for a light-hearted read on Amazon and came across Elle Casey’s Shine Not Burn series. One clicking was my way of saying, “Sure, why not?” And I am so glad I did! 

Shine Not Burn was so darn adorable. Andie spoke in a cool hip language to her all work no play attitude. I liked her immediately, but as the book progressed, I liked her even more with Mack. 

One of the reasons why I gave this book five stars was because of the way it was written. Differently than most books. The plot gave way about four chapters in and had a twist at ten chapters, a new plot. It goes to show that some plots are forever changing no matter how far in the book and don’t stick to the usual “by five chapters in the plot should be given away.” Elle Casey proved it can be done with Andie and Mack. 

Mack was a very subtle character. A charming gentleman until he got in the bedroom and showed his dominate side. Oh trust me, there was plenty of bedroom scenes to keep me interested. 

The ending was low key and even more subtle. The drama was definitely kept at a PG level, which I loved as well. 


Mackenzie Fire was the better book in the series. Candice was introduced in Shine Not Burn and I loved her quirky character. It doesn’t take me much to laugh and Candice sure did that in a matter of minutes. 

With Candice is a large puddle of information, Ms. Google herself and always finds herself in situations that always end up badly. She had spunk, sass, and was a know it all, but her personality was so darn adorable! Bring all that together with Ian, who isn’t looking for love, but a way out and that’s definitely a recipe for more humor. 

The sex wasn’t in this book like the first one, which I loved. I like the building of friendship and quirky ideas that I didn’t even miss it. And the romance aspect was one that came on suddenly like crying happy tears when you didn’t even know you had them. Ask Andie, in this book she knows all about that! 

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