Review – The Drowned Girls by Loreth Anne White

The Drowned Girls (Angie Pallerino #1)

Loreth Anne White




Wowzer, just wowzer!

“We all guard secrets — sometimes terrible ones – a side to us so dark, so shameful, that we quickly avert our own eyes from the shadow we might glimpse in the mirror.”

For months, I kept seeing an advertisement on Instagram to get my free copy of The Drowned Girls. Finally taking the freebie plunge, I am so glad I did! This book has it all, thrill, eerie and creepy suspects and a suspenseful backstory bringing me back to my Law and Order: SVU days.


That is exactly what this book is like! A really long, good episode of a cop show with twists and spins that captivate the reader until the very end. I was a captivated. An eager beaver page turning addict to a plot with multiple character POV, which I highly enjoyed. The characters are multifaceted, gripping me into the story further than I thought I would have ever been.

Angie Pallerino is a bad-ass SVU detective, her past is currently messing with the present, and  her strong willed determination to pull through for the sake of her job is what keeps her going. Like I said, total bad-ass! I am a sucker for female badassery, you know women driven to succeed and find justice in our world of psychotic and twisted minds.

“We all move within six degrees.”

Loreth is a beautiful writer. Very detailed, sucking you into a place you’ve never been through descriptive analysis of a crime scene or… well any scene. It’s like she sucks you into a suspenseful vortex by luring you into the minds of each character begging you to want more — so you keep turning the pages as the plot keeps giving you  suspenseful whiplash — which is why this book is absolutely considered a page turner. One I highly recommend. 

Thanks to KU, book #2 has been started. I need to know more. Not only about Angie, okay about Angie and her need to figure out her past, more about the dark and twisted parts of the plot that were left out to dry, and  but more about Maddox and Angie’s love connection.  Although I am a newbie to thrillers, I am still a sucker for romances as a subplot. 😉

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