Review – The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date

Jasmine Guillory




This book is adorable AF! Sooo darn adorable!!!!!!

dateEven the cover is cute AF!

I started this book yesterday afternoon and gobbled it up well into the night. A sucker for romances, I really love the vanilla ones. The ones that have sex intertwined from the beginning and love is the last thing on the page once I close the book. To me, those are vanilla. Sweet, light, and magically budding, and this book has all those things.

The Wedding Date is charming, funny, and unwavering. Alexa and Drew were adorable together and apart, because some of the time they were apart. Both career driven, living lives miles away from each other, the plot was fresh in a sense that long distance relationships are still real, still effing hard, and can carry the story until the last pages.

“Alexa looked down into her coffee again, gazing into the dark brown liquid like it was Dumbledore’s Pensieve” 

I am pretty sure Alexa is my coffee, donut loving book friend. She was likable, she struggled with her body image, and when she felt out of her element she still went into a setting with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. Drew… what can I say about Drew. He was still a teenage boy stuck in a hot man’s body. Although at times he was sweet and kind, he didn’t know how to just let go of those stupid guy rules and love. He had his moments of being a jerk, had his moments of wanting to learn from his jerky mistakes and I liked that about him.

The reason I gave this book four stars was because for a romance, it didn’t pack a punch. I didn’t highlight any quotes except one, which disappointed me. But the characters and plot delivered over the non existent quotes. I would definitely read another book by this author.


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