Photo Theme Thursday – Books that Changed Me

This is the first time ever I am bringing a photo theme Thursday to my blog. I should be doing it every week, but I am single minded… haha. There are so many books that have changed my life. I only picked a few that were on my shelf. This list doesn’t include digital copies of books, maybe a second photo for that one at another time. 

Some of these reasons are surface reasons, not really opening a full disclosure of why these books changed me. What can I say — I am writing this like I write my book reviews, short, to the point, and not giving too much away. 


(Reasons in order from bottom to top and you get to see my lovely fascination with trees)

The Good Daughter – Karin roped me into thrillers. And my life suddenly changed in sick and twisted ways. 

Steady as the Snow Falls- a beautiful challenging read, I learned to wrap my head around something I knew little about. It’s also a topic that isn’t discussed a lot in the romance community. 

Loved Hacked – I read this book at a time in my life I needed it the most. The plot hit close to home. It helped bring me back down from depression and reminded me to love again. 

Life Among the Savages- Shirley Jackson is a phenomenal writer. This collection of short stories once published in Women’s Magazines blew me away with parental anecdotes and timeless pieces of marriage humor. Being a parent and married, those types of books always have room in my heart.

November 9 – The first book signing I attended. 

The Bell Jar – I read this book when I was fourteen. It was the first book that I read on mental illness in fiction form. 

Love Letter to Whiskey – I don’t really do sappy and poetic romances, but this book is too darn beautiful, the story and Kandi’s writing. It also made me like Whiskey! LOL!

Practical Magic – The first book that brought me into the world of how magic lies in a fictional world. 


I would love to see your own Photo Theme Thursday and the books that changed you! 





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