Review – Releasing The Demons by L.D. Rose

Releasing The Demons 

L.D. Rose





I feel like I just read about a cool group of vampires. You know, the group that EVERYONE is talking about, but no one understands because they are dark, mysterious, and have their superhero capes on any chance they get? That exactly what this book is like. 

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, vampires have taken over the the five boroughs and humans are scared for their lives. Hooked within the first chapter, I was like, who is Blaze? What the fuck is going on? Oh hell no, I have to learn more. And boy I learned more. A LOT more. Its kind of like Cyrus is torturing me to say more, but I CAN’T in fear of letting that cool group of vampires down. Letting go of their secrets and giving away a really good plot. Because the plot was SOOOOOO DARRKKKK and SOOOOO GOOOOODD! 

IMG_6559 (1)

So, what does L.D. do to make Releasing the Demons even better? She centers the book around two characters, Blaze and Valerie. Both tough and angry. Both strong and seeking vengeance to protect their city. Together their blood carries emotions that takes us beyond the dark scenery, spinning a beautiful tale of two characters who prove that love can happen even when evil is lurking in the darkness.

As darkness thickens the plot, there are times where the book is light, funny and takes you into a story about strength, love and survival, but more importantly about family. 



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