Review – Shallow by Yessi Smith


Yessi Smith

Release Date: June 13th 2018





*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*

I normally don’t read YA, and was skeptical to let Yessi down by getting into a book I couldn’t relate to. A book about something I wanted to forget about, high school. But there is a character in Shallow that is in all of us, even adults. 

Shallow is a modern day Breakfast Club that doesn’t disappoint! It’s more than a young adult novel, it’s a story about coming into your own, being true to yourself and allowing yourself to feel deeper than the hallways of high school. The novel centers around the hierarchy of high school at its strongest and weakest. The characters depth show the struggles and reality on how anyone past or present made it out the confines of the walls that labeled us. 

For parents, this novel takes you back into a time you either wanted to forget or loved remembering.  For teens, it brings you into a world you’re already in, helping you cope and relate to your current situation. And let me tell you, whatever your situation was/is Yessi hit the mark! 

It is often said two shallow people will find each other, but this book proves that theory wrong! This book doesn’t skim the surface feelings. It dives fully into each character, and how they represent their true self vs. false self in a world they’ve created. Brinley knows all about being shallow. A thin shield forcing her to fit in, when all she really wants to do stand out. She’s popular and callous. Hiding behind her false self, she submits and conforms while her true self angers from within waiting to break the mold she’s created for herself. Roderick, an outcast wants to go unnoticed. Unseen. Until Brinley finally sees him. Feels him. Loves him. Brinley and Roderick find each other, because they are meant to be together. Through words, a different world helps them collide, and they break the mold of high school, battling their plaguing feelings with beautiful and captivating emotional expression. 


Shallow is a powerful novel that all of our youth should read. And adults. It reminds us that we aren’t alone. Together we can walk beside each other and be who we are. And it also helps us remember that high school is only four years, but being true to who you are is something that lasts a lifetime. 


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