Review – Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter

Beyond Reach 

Karin Slaughter


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*Note:  ZERO spoiler alert. I intended it that way. Its the last book in the series and after reading Karin’s letter on her website, I decided to comply with writing something that doesn’t give away the plot*

Send an emotional ambulance!! I’ve been series sucker punched and I can’t cope with the wounds!! 

Beyond Reach hit me hard. Left jab. Upper cut. Right jab. Cross. Hook. Emotions flying like blood all over the pages. Then came the tears sprinkling down the crisp pages, causing the ink to blotch and blood to smear. 

I get it Karin! I don’t want to, but I understand all of this book. All of the reasons leading up to this finale. All the pages, all the words, I have never felt so rewarded in all my years of reading. Lena, Jeffrey, and Sara, it’s been a reading privilege to come into your twisted dark town and take a long not so leisurely vacation. The exit hasn’t been pleasant though, more like the hospital doesn’t cover emotional book hooked syndrome and kicked me out on my ass. 


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