Review – Church by Stylo Fantome


Stylo Fantome 

Releases: June 20th, 2018


 snailsnailsnailsnail snail


Church. (Church, #1)


Church is darkness. Pure darkness. 
It’s the kind of darkness that starts on a straight path, and only gets darker as the story hits an unsuspected curve. A book that is a roller ball of emotions when the characters don’t want to feel any emotions at all. Emma and Churches pain is a tie binding them together in unimaginable ways. Their story is delusional beliefs enthralling the reader into their impulsive behaviors that unhinge their charming, cold, and calculating personalities. 


I can not recommend this story enough! The characters are dark, twisted, and complex. The story is like a documentary into the minds of two sociopaths starting out on a fucked up joy ride. 

I can’t wait for the second book coming in October! 


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