Can I Be Both?

Over the last few months, I have been questioning if I can be a book blogger and an author. I have talked to other book bloggers who have become Indie authors, and some of them have stopped blogging altogether. Or they only review books with four to five star ratings. Plagued with the question, can I be both? I could, but I don’t want authors to think I am trying to come between their money or business. That isn’t my intention at all, especially being a book blogger who has posted three star ratings. I pride myself on honesty, its apart of who I am. Just like any reviewer who picks up a book, they want to leave their mark and honest opinion. Not just because of the time spent reading, but to influence another person to read that author’s work.

Because of this “Can I be both” question, I have held off on reviewing books on my blog. My reading has fallen down stream and I’m falling deeper down my writing path. When I started my blog, I always knew the day would come that I have to relinquish my duties as a book blogger and an avid reader. I do love both, a lot. And even when its hard to keep up, I still keep going like a snail. My journey to being a writer has been a LONG one. I blame self-doubt, loss of things, anxiety, and time management. I seriously suck on time management! If there was a class for it, I would probably walk out with an incomplete.

So, I still have a few more reviews to post and one more book to finish before, review less and then probably stop altogether. I haven’t decided and will have to see where it fits in. So, bare with me. I love my followers and I appreciate the messages and likes. Hopefully within the next few months, I will have this thing — whatever this thing is — down and everything will be more organized.


much love



One thought on “Can I Be Both?

  1. I was always curious how one transitions from blogger to author. I know many authors that just stop reviewing books, period. Side note, I completely understand why they do it. I think I know of two blogger/authors and they both seem to recommend books now more than actually reading and reviewing them. So in a way, they chose the author route. For your question, I think you can do both, but I think you’ll be a better author for leaving the blogging side of things alone. You’ll be able to focus that much more on your writing. But I’ll miss your book tags like the cake one you posted earlier…. but that’s more selfishness on my part haha

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