My Style: My Writing Process

Every writer has a certain way of writing. Whether they journal, sketch, take notes on the back of receipts. We all make a connection with our thoughts and put them onto something.Here is the thing, I don’t journal. I know the pros and cons. I’ve tried it a million times, and it isn’t for me. But occasionally, I do it. A fellow author asked me on IG, about my writing process. 

My answer: I’m a panster. 

Clear cut, straight to the point. I am an unorganized panster writer, who oddly writes in a way that feels comfortable to me. And I wanted to share my oddly writing steps with you, just like I did with a fellow author. 

I sit down to write a chapter. That chapter is a rough draft. Very rough. Mostly dialogue, because I am a sucker for dialogue. Then comes the weird part. I can only write at night when my kids are in bed. I used to be able to write on my phone in Google Docs, but I can’t do it anymore. One, my kids don’t let me. And two, this next step is something I can’t live without. 

It’s dark outside, so my room has to be equally as dark. I close my laptop, lay in the dark, and the scene plays like a movie in my head. Then I open up my laptop, write and close it again. It’s an odd weird process, but it works for me. I LOVE the dark. Along with the dark, comes quiet, where my characters take over my mind, and talk out their differences. Or a plot twists takes place, or my main character has all these thoughts and wants to talk to my brain. 

I’m a writer, who outlines, thinks in the dark, then writes. I’m an in the dark panster! LOL, that sounds like I pants people in the dark. Or mostly pants myself in the dark… Eh, whatever. Both are equally weird. 

You’re going to see writers explain their own ways of writing. No one’s way is right or wrong. IT’S ALL ABOUT FEELING COMFORTABLE WHEN YOU WRITE. Whatever process or steps you take to write, go with it. Love it. Embrace it. Your characters will thank you in the long run. 

I know mine do. I can hear them crying each time I close my laptop in the middle of a scene.


much love



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