Sunshine Blogger Award

I was shocked when BiBi’s Book Blog nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I am the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. But alas, someone see’s right through my worst blogger traits and nominates me. Thank you Bibi’s!!!



  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog so others can find them
  • Answer the 11 questions which the blogger who nominated you asked
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 different questions
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your site



What made you start blogging?

I really won’t go into that story, but I like to talk books. Its like pillow talk, but with a different character every night. Plus a different plot and scenery. I also am an aspiring writer. I thought the more I got my introverted self out there, even if on social media, I would gain more confidence in myself and my ability to produce weird stories or characters.

What’s your all time favourite quote? 

It isn’t a book, its movie.

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If you could go anywhere in the world for 3 days, where would you go? 

It wouldn’t be one place, it would be three places in three days. And probably wouldn’t be possible. I’d visit my beefer in Canada, then I’d go see someone I love in Georgia. And lastly, I’d visit my other friend in AU. I’d feed her a burrito and we’d talk about writing, and all things Vegemite.

Do you have a bucket list?

My bucket list consists of seeing my children graduate high school. See them follow their dreams, whether it’d be college or just a job. I’d like to watch them pursue their own happiness in this world, whatever that may be.

If you and I could hang out for 1 day, where would we go and what would we do? (Let’s pretend distance and money isn’t an issue).

Road trip, of course! In a car for twenty-four hours, taking turns driving and talking. Whenever the time is up, we stop, and go back to our lives.

What’s the top 3 things I should know about you?

Snails are effing awesome. My life is complicated and messy, but its also beautiful and heartfelt. A lot of people wouldn’t believe this, but I’m really a passive, emotional person. Some people led with their heads, I lead with my heart until my head catches up.

Do you suffer from any phobias?

Yes! Bathroom door phobia. I can’t sleep if the bathroom door in our bedroom is open. It drives my husband bonkers when I ask him to close it.

Do you have any pets? If so, I’d love to see a picture.

Three dogs. Penny the Pencil, Cash Wooderson, and Hulk-o-rino.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Other than books, magnets. My guilty pleasure is magnets. I love collecting them and people I’ve met online have sent me some from their hometowns.

Do you prefer dark, white or milk chocolate?

Dark chocolate. I can’t stand white chocolate. I moderately tolerate milk chocolate.

What’s the worst question someone could ask you? And no, you cannot pick this one 😀

My kids ask me this question daily and a couple of strangers and coworkers as well: “Mom when are you going to have another baby? I want a sibling.”Yeah… no…. look around kiddos, you have three siblings already. NO MORE BABIES!!!!



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